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Someone asked me, “Are you living your best life?”. I didn’t know what to say. It’s such a deep question. What would need to have happened if you woke up one morning and your life was all you dreamed – every duck in a row – you’re living your best life? The problem is it’s very tricky to get to your desired destination if you have no idea where the place is or what it’s like there. Would you even know it if you found it? Is it likely you’ll stumble on your best life by accident or will you have a better chance if you define and map out a path to what you’re looking for? The answer is really simple. Live your life according to your own terms, do what makes you happy, life’s too short to compare yourself with others.

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And as Heather Snowden says: Take chances, take risks, try to appreciate the things you do have, and surround yourself with people that bring out the best in you. Sometimes our happiest moments are among the most mundane made special by those they’re shared with. Don’t hinge your happiness on things you think will impress others — that’s not living your best life, that’s only living someone else’s idea of it. BestLife Culture is born in what we do, what we say, what we aspire, and long for! We are not arrogant, just proud and we know it’s sometimes better said in writing.

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